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How Dark Is Your Soul?

Soul Waterman are offering a special spring limited edition of the 303, Funky Monkey and F Bomb. They have 5 of each in black up for sale.

How dark is your soul?
How dark is your soul?
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Social Media Saturday 19 January 2019

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 19 January 2019 at Unsponsored. Check out what we’ve found and liked on Instagram this week.

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Movie Monday 7 January 2019

Welcome Movie Monday 7 January 2019 the first Movie Monday of 2019 right here at Unsponsored.

If these edits just weren’t enough, check out the Movie Monday archive right here. We’ve got weeks and weeks worth of footage for your viewing pleasure.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Have you seen one that we have missed?  Contact us via the comment section below.


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Sweet Protection Strutter 2019 – First Look

Here it is a Sweet Protection Strutter 2019. These things won’t be out until well into 2019 but we have one right here at Unsponsored to check out, wear, use and review with the help of North East Kayaks and Paddles.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

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Dagger Kayaks – Aqua Fresh

Dagger Kayaks have announced a new colour scheme for their kayaks.

Dagger Kayaks - Aqua Fresh

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