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Watershed Futa Stowfloat – First Look

You will be seeing quite a few Watershed Drybags on Unsponsored over the next couple of weeks. We’ve managed to get most of the range in for review. It’s cost a fair bit but we are very interested in how they perform.

Watershed Futa Stowfloat - First Look

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Kayak Outfitting Guide

From the very first moment you sit in a boat you start to get “a feel for it”, how it fits and possibly even how it may perform. As beginners we start off in boats that may be used by many different size paddlers, which results in cockpits being kept clutter free. Loose, comfortable boats feel good on flat water, but they can make leaning and bracing difficult. Once the boat is padded to provide a close, body-hugging fit that still allows for quick and easy water exits, performance can dramatically improve. This same rule applies to all levels of kayakers, whether they’re paddling easy whitewater, big water runs or creeks. Customised outfitting helps transfer every trace in the river’s current through the kayak’s hull to your body, helping you sense your surroundings, make critical maneuvers and maintain your balance, thus staying upright!

Kayak Outfitting Guide

Since paddlers press against their boat’s inner hull with the small of their backs, butts, hips, thighs, knees and feet, it is these key areas that should be customised to match the shape and size of the paddler. To make this as easy as possible I am going to break the cockpit into a handful of sections and tailor each one to help you get the best control possible from your boat. Many boat manufacturers have really stepped up their game and are providing some excellent outfitting as standard in their kayaks. However these systems still need adapting in some way to ensure that they fit YOU correctly.

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Bow Airbags Fitted

I have had a couple of Palm 12L Infinity Airbags kicking about for a couple of weeks. Today I fitted them in my Wavesport Recon.

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New Outfitting – Bow Airbag

One the really great things about Prijon and Eskimo river running and creeking boats was the fact that they all came supplied with a bow air bag. That bag played an important role keeping water out of the void between the full plate footrest and the bow.

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