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Adventure Medical Ultralight 0.5 First Aid Kit

For the last few years I have been using Adventure Medical as my main first aid kits. I stumbled upon them when I was trying to find an ultralight kit for mountain biking. Since then I have purchased several Adventure Medical First Aid Kits and they can be found in my rucksacks and now in my kayak as part of my “When it all goes wrong kit“.


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Keeping them dry – aLOKSAK

Not so long ago you could carry your car keys in your PFD pocket and not have to worry about things like remote central locking, immobiliser coding or anything else. If your key got wet it didn’t really matter. Things are different now.

You therefore have three viable options:

1. Hide the keys on, in, under or near the car. Super risky and the insurance company won’t like it.
2. Carry them in a nice waterproof case in your boat. Good cases are easy to find and it’s easy to store them in your boat. However lose the boat and you’ll lose the keys.
3. Carry them with you.

After finally finding a low bulk waterproof solution that would allow me to carry my keys within my PFD I have went with option 3.

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GoPro Accessory Roll II

Over the last few months a couple of these GoPro accessory rolls have been put together. The idea is to have all of your bits and bobs together in one easy to get to and well organised package. The one shown below (MKII) is made from Cordura and is designed to hold a Gorillapod, a screwdriver, a spare Wasabi battery and SD cards stored in an aLoksak waterproof storage bag.

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