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Level Six Quickthrow Pro

Level Six have released a brand new throw line that uses 20m of static Dyneema rope that glows in the dark.

Level Six Quickthrow Pro
Level Six Quickthrow Pro

The 3/8” 20 M rope features an 11% stretch threshold and boasts a 1700KG breaking strength. The mesh panels allow quick draining and drying, and the gusseted zipped opening system is designed to make re-packing your throw bag quick and easy.

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HF Little Fish Throwbag

HF have finally gone to clean line throwbags and have removed the plastic tubing. This can be seen on the newest bag the Little Fish.

Inside PADDLEexpo 2019 – HF_Little Fish Throwbag

#PADDLEexpo2019 @HF presents their new Product Little Fish Throwbag#paddlerguide #staysafeonthewater #Hfsafetyinanextremeworld

Posted by Kayak Session Magazine on Friday, 5 October 2018

Interestingly this bag steps aways from the usual cylindrical bags we normally see.

Palm Paddle Bag – First Look

Earlier this week we received a 2.0m Palm Paddle Bag for review.

Palm Paddle Bag - First Look

Although paddle bags are really useful for keeping paddles safe when there being slung around on/off long haul flights, my prime use for them is actually to protect my car when the paddles are being carried inside.

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SOL Emergency Bivvy – First Look

A couple of days back a SOL Emergency Bivvy landed at Unsponsored HQ. Essentially it is an alternative to the big orange plastic bivvy bags that most of us are familiar with. But it is much smaller and lighter.

SOL Emergency Bivvy - First Look

It is certainly a very compact piece of gear when packed up. Size wise it probably is similar to half a regular sized can of your favourite soft drink beverage and weighs in at around 3.8oz. It is small enough to fit within a rescue PFD pocket.

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Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag

We will have our hands on a new Palm Equipment Lightning throwbag very shortly and will be forcing members of Team Unsponsored to swim to try it out. We had close look a few weeks ago at Palm HQ and it is clear that they are going to be very popular.

Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag

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Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag – First Look

When we first shared the video showing the new Palm Equipment Lightning throwbag in one of the first comments back was that Palm have made the HF Weasel.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 088

Now as a long term HF Weasel user I can see there are clearly comparisons to made.

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Ortlieb Rack Pack – Review

Having a good kit bag is pretty important to me. It keeps my wet and often dirty kit safe and secure and helps prevent kit (or the inside of my car) being damaged.

Ortlieb Rack Pack

A while back I bought an NRS Bills bag, which is an awesome bit of kit. Absolutley cavernous and very well put together. However if out for a quick paddle it is probably too big.

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Alpkit Escape Pod Tent Bag

I’ve had a tent knocking about the garage for some time that didn’t have a stuff sack. I had managed to rip it some time ago. I eventually got around to picking up a replacement tent bag from Alpkit.

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HF Swifty Belt

The HF Swifty Belt is designed so that you are able to carry your throw line with you at all times. It is designed around the same belt system that you see on all rescue PFDs. The buckle is exactly the same and ensures that the system is quick release.

HF Swifty Belt

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Pin/Rescue Kit Part II – Throwbags

Carrying and being able to use a rope effectively/safely are key skills that every paddler should have and practice. First things first, if you intend on carrying/using a throw bag or a rope then you should also be carrying a knife. That knife should be capable of cutting through your throw line with ease, therefore it must be super sharp and hold its edge. Lots of great information about all things sharp and keeping them sharp can be found over on British Blades.

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