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Welsh Open Freestyle 2019

The 2019 Welsh Open Freestyle is taking place on the 5th of May at the Cardiff International Whitewater course.

Welsh Open Freestyle 2019
Welsh Open Freestyle 2019

Battle For The Pyranha Ripper

Bren Orton and David Fusilli get competitive in the battle for the Pyranha Ripper

Battle for the Pyranha Ripper

There is only one Pyranha ripper available on the West coast of America right now, all of the other ones have already been sold or taken by kayak shops. Myself and Dave Fusilli have been arguing about who should become the rightful owner of this kayak for the past two weeks, finally we decided to settle it like men. By battling through three / four highly serious challenges.

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Competition Time

It’s competition time at Unsponsored HQ. Our head gear freak has selected a brand new Palm Equipment Lightning throw bag as the prize for June 2016.

Unsponsored Competition Time

You can subscribe to the newsletter right now using the form below and you’ll be entered into this competition and all subsequent competitions as long you remain subscribed. We won’t be using your contact details for anything else or sharing them with anyone outside of Unsponsored HQ.

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URSA Low Light 80fps Tests

Shooting fast action in floodlit conditions takes some serious kit and dedication. Simon Wyndham from Five Element Productions used a Blackmagic URSA to shoot some great footage at Cardiff International Whitewater Centre.

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2014 SAS Hurley Classic

James Bebbington produces some great edits. A real talent on the water and behind the lens. It’s also great to see one of my Unsponsored stickers in action.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 19.39.20

Highlights from the 2014 SAS Hurley Classic event – hurleyclassic.co.uk/

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Pyranha Fest 2014


Pyranha Fest seems to get bigger and better every year, and 2014 was no exception!

The usual jam packed weekend of fun competitions, exciting events and one-of-a-kind courses was made even more special by many people’s first opportunity to try out the Pyranha 9R, which really shook up the BoaterX event! Continue reading

Slave Paddlefest Giant Slalom 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 20.39.24

Giant Slalom 2014! Sunday morning a group of partially hung-over advanced kayakers met up to run the second annual Giant Slalom race at the Slave River Paddlefest. This year we had three “gates”: touch river left, touch river right, touch an island, then touch the finish. Racers could touch anywhere on the bank, allowing a large variety of lines. Good times were had by all! Continue reading

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