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GB Freestyle Selection Event Two

Dale Mears was at round two of the GB Freestyle selection event held at HPP, Nottingham. Here are just a few of Dale’s awesome images from the 30th January 2016.

GB Freestyle Selection

The selection runs were held at the inlet gate at the top of the course.

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Jack Gunter At HPP

Dale Mears shows just what can be achieved when you have a great paddler like Jack Gunter at HPP and the new Joby Action Jib. Filmed using the Contour Roam 3.

Jack Gunter At HPP

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Newark Fast and Furious

A great edit from Dale Mears. Dale uses the Contour ROAM3 and Joby action camera series to get his footage. Great to see the use of the more unusual shooting angles.

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Joby Suction Cup, Locking And GorillaPod Arm

Joby have been releasing great accessories for action cameras (POV) for years now. The original GorillaPod being an outstanding product and now available in all sorts of sizes, colours, and materials to hold what ever you can throw at them or fit in with your fashion. Easy to carry, intuitive to use and outstanding performance. So what is Joby’s latest offering and how will it improve your game?

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 6

The Joby Suction Cup and Locking arm/GorillaPod arm is another suction cup to add to the current market, now I know there are quite a few knocking about, GoPro produce one, Contour produce one, you can also go on eBay and pick one up for reasonably cheap but like those annoying Sat Nav suction cups they fall off, or simply don’t have the suction to hold onto most surfaces.

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 5

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Wavesport Mobius

The Mobius has arrived here in the UK. Below are some shots of and by Dale Mears in his new Wavesport Mobius.





Check out Dale Mears Photography over on Facebook.

Wavesport Mobius In The Flesh

Well here it is in the flesh and in the UK.

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Reader’s Rides 2013 – Dale Mears

Name: Dale Mears
Country: England

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 16.40.27

I am a member of team wavesport here in the UK and a keen paddler of both freestyle and river running. I am a secondary school teacher so manage to hold a successful career and paddle. I think for all you young guns out there it is just as important to have a back up in life in case anything happens or you become injured. I am also a keen photographer both water based and off the water check out my photos here Continue reading

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