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North East Kayaks – Nookie Octane

North East Kayaks have a  Nookie Octane womens dropseat drysuit. Looks pretty good.


Level Six – Freja Drysuit

New for 2020 from Level Six is the front entry Freja Drysuit. This drysuit is designed for women with a drop seat relief zipper.

Level Six – Freja Drysuit
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How To Fold A Drysuit

Looking after your gear is super important as it will hopefully last longer and look after you. Keeping your drysuit stored correctly in your kit bag can really help look after what can be a seriously expensive piece of gear.

How To Fold A Drysuit
How To Fold A Drysuit

NRS have put this short video together on how to correctly fold a NRS suit but is applicable to most makes.

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Immersion Research – New Website

Immersion Research have revealed their new EU website.

The site also includes details of the updated gear for 2019. This red Devil’s Club dry suit looks great.

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YKK Zips At Palm Equipment

YKK Zips At Palm Equipment

These new YKK Aquaseal zips look awesome. 

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NRS Women’s Pivot Drysuit

Check out the new NRS Women’s Pivot Drysuit.

NRS Women's Pivot Drysuit

This back entry Tizip suit is worth checking out.

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Immersion Research 2017

You may or may not have noticed that Immersion Research released details of their new designs and updates for 2017 just a few days ago.


What is even better is that if you are based in the UK or Europe you can get hold of some of the new 2017 gear right now, that’s well before the US of A.

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Top Tips – Simple Drysuit Care

Another great edit from the guys at Palm Equipment. This time Jake Holland looks at simple ways to look after your drysuit.

Simple Drysuit Care

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Sweet Protection Intergalactic 2016

We’ve been running the newest Sweet Protection Intergalactic drysuit for a year after running version 1 for just over a year. It’s now time for some feedback.

First and foremost this is an expensive suit at around £900. It must therefore function at the very highest level to payback some of those pennies.

Unsponsored-dagger-nomad-2016 207

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Immersion Research – Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition

The Arch Rival drysuit gets an upgrade and it’s looking pretty good. We are hoping to get one in for review.

Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition

The Arch Rival Rear Zip Dry Suit is one of Immersion Research’s hardest working garments and certainly one of the best values. Maybe it isn’t as flashy as the 7Figure, or brooding and mysterious like the Devil’s Club but that is about to change. Introducing the Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition!

We employed the Devil’s Club and Arch Rival Rear Zip pattern, which is well articulated for better paddling performance while eliminating extra fabric. Then we utilized our 7figure fabric in the body of the suit which offers excellent waterproofness and breathability. Finally, we included Devil’s Club Fabric Feet for increased durability. This is the culmination of our best dry suit qualities in one spectacular looking package.

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Cold Weather Paddling Gear

We’ve just about hit that time of the year in the UK when it gets darker earlier and earlier, the weather has begun to turn and the water is that little bit colder. It’s a great time to start to look at your cold weather paddling gear and assess whether it is going to be up to the job.

unsponsored_tt (6)

Being cold is not just uncomfortable it can also be life threatening. Having the right gear for the right conditions is key at any time of the year but the margin for error during the colder seasons is much tighter.

A good dry top/trouser combo or dry suit. Keeping dry inside makes keeping warm that much easier. Even some of the two piece systems (dry top and dry trousers) available are getting close to being as good as a dry suit. Price is sometimes much better as is the flexibility of the system.

Solid footwear. Wet river banks and slippery rocks are not a great combination if you have dodgy footwear. A good pair of river shoes or boots are worth there weight in gold. Currently using Five Ten Water Tennies or the new Astral Rassler. Footwear with a good sole will also help insulate your feet from the cold ground.

Good socks. Conventional socks only really work if you have a dry suit with built in dry socks. I tend to wear ski socks when I have my drysuit on. If you don’t have a dry suit there are alternatives that will work when wet. You could wear a pair of neoprene boots but I have found that although they are great for keeping your feet warm the ones I have used have never had the greatest amount of grip. I much prefer using a combination of a good set of footwear (see above) and a thin neoprene sock. Various manufacturers make thin 3 and 4mm thick neoprene socks that can help keep your feet warm even when wet.

Base layers. I love merino kit – it’s warm when wet and doesn’t smell! But any good, thin base layer will do the job. Colder = more layers. Polartec fleece also works really wet in cold/wet conditions.

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NRS Crux Drysuit – Review

The Crux drysuit by Idaho based NRS is a front entry drysuit meaning that using the zip is far easier to do by yourself compared to a zip positioned on the rear of a suit.

NRS Crux Dry Suit Review

This review looks at the new Mens NRS Crux. Thankfully for the female paddling population NRS also have a womens version with a drop seat for comfort breaks.

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