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Werner Paddles Surge And Strike

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high impact resistant fiberglass layup. Tested by some of the best expedition kayakers in the world on some of the most demanding rivers. The Surge delivers confidence with every stroke.

Werner Paddles Surge And Strike
Werner Surge
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The Learning Curve

A superb but short edit showing early whitewater canoeing. Great to see. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 19.04.51

The sport’s safety ethic was omnipresent and weighed heavily. It was not considered heroic to take on river risks; it was simply unacceptable… “Do you seek the mountain high, or just another way to die?” – Jim Stuart

In the 1960s, boating was based around slalom racing. River running skills lagged behind as racers were too busy trying to shave precious seconds off their times. Steep, technical rivers like the Upper Yough were at the peak of their abilities, and for the better part of the decade, the rivers won most of the battles. Continue reading

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