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GoPro The Handler – First Look

GoPro The Handler 1

The Handler is GoPro’s move into the hand held grip market for waterborne users. It is designed to perform a very similar role to the GoPole Grenade grip with the added bonus that the GoPro The Handler is designed to float (even when using a Bacpac).

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GoPole Evo – First Look

Having owned at least one GoPro camera for what seems like and age. But despite this I have never owned a device used for taking “selfies”. Well that is until now. I have recently bought a GoPole Evo and have used a fair bit over the last few months.

I picked up a GoPole 66cm Evo pole a few weeks back and have been putting it through its paces.


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GoPro Grenade Grip By GoPole

A couple of years ago I knocked up my own GoPro grip system using a cut off from a kayak paddle shaft. It worked really well and I managed to get some good/steady shots whilst using it. Recently I was sent a GoPro Grenade Grip to try out.

GoPro Grenade Grip

GoPro Grenade Grip

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