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Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – Another Perspective

Another great perspective on the Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit.

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Current Kit – July 2014

The old current kit topics on the forum were always popular, so I thought I’d give you all an update of my current kit for July 2014.

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Sweet Intergalactic Drysuit – Review

I’m very fortunate to be in the position of getting hold of new kit well before it is released. This now includes the Intergalactic dry suit from Norwegian company Sweet Protection.

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Sweet have been in the whitewater game for years but the Intergalactic marks their first and long awaited move into the dry suit arena. The Intergalactic is built from Gore-Tex Pro material and is backed onto a fabric that is both supple and tough. The Gore-Tex used is the 3 – layer Performance variety that is designed for extreme and extended use. I have a number of bits of kit, including a Sweet Shadrach made out of the same material and although it feels quite soft I know that it will take a beating and come back for more.

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Sweet Protection Intergalactic Dry Suit – On The Water

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I had a few hours on the water today trying out the new Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit. Continue reading

Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – First Look

Earlier this week a box arrived from Norway containing a very new, hot off the press dry suit – The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit.

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This is of course the highly anticipated Intergalactic Drysuit. Very few details of this actually exist and the number of images are very limited. In fact most have already been on Unsponsored. However I’m now in a very fortunate position of being able to check out the Intergalactic up close and get to give it a go on the water.

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Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit Review

A Sweet Protection Intergalactic drysuit is about to land at the Unsponsored HQ in the next few days. I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

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unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 12

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 3

Full review and lots of detail to follow shortly.

Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit – First Look

A couple of weeks ago Unsponsored shared the new Sweet Protection white water kit with the world including the new Intergalactic drysuit.

This time we have some in the flesh images of the suit courtesy of our friends at WWTCC.

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