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Liquid Logic – Jefe Grande Is Back

Liquid Logic have announced today that the Jefe Grande is back. The Jefe was a big hit with paddlers at Unsponsored HQ so it’s great to see it back.

Jefe Grande Is Back

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Liquidriot Duo Kayak – The Build

The Liquidriot Duo kayak seen in a previous post was photographed a few days ago. In the three days following the original post over 12k people have viewed it, which is quite simply incredible.

Liquidriot Duo Kayak(3)

The Duo was hand crafted by Newcastle Uni paddlers – Jacob Collings, Matt Rose, Catherine Sanderson, and Angus Mackay. The guys behind the kayak have kindly sent some images of their creation being put together.

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Reader’s Rides 2015 – Oliver Duggan

Name: Oliver Duggan


Scouting the leven in tasty flows!

Location: Ambleside, Cumbria

YO! Originally from Limerick Ireland, now living, studying and paddling in the Lake District. I started paddling with the scouts when I was 16 and was hooked immediately. I learnt to paddle mainly in Ireland with a few welsh trips thrown in along the way. I realised paddling is the lifestyle for me and after and an Italian and Slovenian trip in the summer of 2014. I have been looking to paddle bigger water since then.


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Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel – Review

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel - Review

The Squirrel is Liquidlogic’s latest white water kayak and the second designed through the company’s Automatic For The People initiative. Demand for a boat similar to Liquidlogic’s successful Remix but with additional bow rocker and volume in addition to an overall increase in volume was high. In fact Liquid Logic used the original Remix model as the starting point for the Flying Squirrel and built in many of the features that both team members and Liquid Logic fans had been calling for.

I have been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first Squirrels to land here in the UK and have been paddling Squirrel each week over the last couple of months. Over the years I have owned a number of Liquidlogic boats including – Vision, Ronin, Biscuit, and Stomper, so I was very interested to give this new #automaticforthepeople kayak a try.

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Liquidlogic WW Kayak Line Up

Many thanks to the guys at Rokx Adventure Traders for allowing their images to be used on Unsponsored.

The images show the line up of whitewater kayaks from Liquidlogic.

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Liquid Logic Jefe – Review

This review has been sitting on my hard drive for some time! So here it is my thoughts on the Liquid Logic Jefe.

The Jefe (or Boss) has been one of the best creek boats on the market for a while now but has been overshadowed in recent times by the crop of planning hull creek boats such as the Wavesport Recon, and Liquid Logic Stomper. Where the Jefe really differs from these designs is the fact that the Jefe has a displacement hull.

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