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My Favorite GoPro Accessories For Travel

Getting the right number and type of GoPro accessories will help you to shoot some great footage for that holiday edit. But you need it to be fairly compact, usable and add value to the camera. Carrying loads of gear ‘just in case’ is counter productive as you’ll probably not even use it anyway. It’s all about keeping it simple.

All of these suggestions will happily work with the entire GoPro range including the Hero 4 and Hero 4 Session. 


Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC:

Firstly if the main items of my gear don’t fit in a Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC it isn’t going. The case is designed for one camera but will happily take two GoPros.

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New GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

This new GoPro rear kayak mount prototype has been put together by friend of Unsponsored “Mo Ritz”. The mount is still very much in prototype but the concept has been proved.

New GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

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Joby Suction Cup, Locking And GorillaPod Arm

Joby have been releasing great accessories for action cameras (POV) for years now. The original GorillaPod being an outstanding product and now available in all sorts of sizes, colours, and materials to hold what ever you can throw at them or fit in with your fashion. Easy to carry, intuitive to use and outstanding performance. So what is Joby’s latest offering and how will it improve your game?

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 6

The Joby Suction Cup and Locking arm/GorillaPod arm is another suction cup to add to the current market, now I know there are quite a few knocking about, GoPro produce one, Contour produce one, you can also go on eBay and pick one up for reasonably cheap but like those annoying Sat Nav suction cups they fall off, or simply don’t have the suction to hold onto most surfaces.

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 5

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Sandmarc GoPro Pole Metal Edition – First Look

I have had a Sandmarc GoPro Pole on test for the last few weeks and follows hot on the heals of the GoPole Evo.


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GoPro The Handler – First Look

GoPro The Handler 1

The Handler is GoPro’s move into the hand held grip market for waterborne users. It is designed to perform a very similar role to the GoPole Grenade grip with the added bonus that the GoPro The Handler is designed to float (even when using a Bacpac).

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GoPro The Frame Mount – Review

The second edition of GoPro’s The Frame Mount has seen a fair bit of use over the last few months and probably a great deal more use than with the first edition frame.

The Frame Mount

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Levator on Tumwater

Levator on Tumwater

I had the chance to try out the new GoPro mount for kayaks called the Levator.

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Must have GoPro Accessories

I’ve been looking at the range of GoPro accessories I currently have to assess whether or not I would buy them again. Here is a very quick run down of the “Keepers” and the “Binned”. There has been fair bit of trial and error over the last few years but I think that I have narrowed things down to kit that works and is actually worth getting.

GoPro accessories

Most accessories will work with the entire GoPro range.

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Peak Design Camera Mount System – First Look

Peak Design LTD is a Kickstarter success who create innovative camera mount systems for cameras ranging from DSLRs to GoPro.


I picked up the P.O.V pack a couple of weeks ago, which consists of the two elements shown above in one package deal.

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Peak Design Ltd POV Camera Mount

Peak Design are a US based company who design innovative camera accessories. The one that has caught my eye is the Camera Capture Clip with the POV kit.

Peak Design Ltd POV Camera Mount

From Peak Design:

Need to turn any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object into a mount for a GoPro® or any P.O.V. video device. Shoot video in ways you’ve never imagined with these durable and ultra-versatile products. Buy Capture and P.O.V. Kit together and save $5 off retail prices when purchased separately.

What you essentially have is a quick release system that allows you to attach your GoPro to belts and straps. I’m thinking it could be a great addition to my GoPro mount kit as it will allow me to securely fasten the GoPro to the shoulder strap of my PFD.

I have a set on order and expect it very shortly.

GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

Here is a great MYOG/DIY GoPro rear kayak mount by Lee Barrell. This system allows you to attached a GoPro pole mount arrangement to the rear of your kayak without the need of removing or modifying your boat in any way.

GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

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Contour + 2 – First Look

The UK distributers of Contour products (Ultra Sport Europe) kindly agreed to send me one of the new Contour + 2 cameras for test. Over the last hour or so I have taken a few shots of the camera and have downloaded the apps for both my Mac and iPhone (more on them later).

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