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A quick run out in my new (to me) Eskimo TopoDuo. I had been after one of these for years. I’m quite impressed with the updated version. I also had a chance to try to my GoPro handlebar mount fixed to the grab handle. It worked pretty well.

Duo from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

The cheap anti-fog strips for the GoPro didn’t work as well.

GoPro with a Muvi Mount

I tried out the Muvi clip on my GoPro today and it fits. You must use the GoPro bolt as the Muvi one catches on the GoPro housing. This may open up a few possibilities for mount options.

GoPro Grip

Here are a few images of my newest GoPro grip. Full carbon shaft and a little something secret to ensure that the GoPro mount is firmly attached!

Cost was £0 as I already had the mount, glue and the cut off carbon shaft. There are a couple of options if you do want to buy a retail version.

Seems to work really well.

Another GoPro Mount

This is a nice CNC’d mount from the guys at Mount Star.





It is set up to be attached to any normal tripod including those by Jobe and any other object by using straps or screws/bolts. A very nice and well made bit of kit.

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