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How To “Head Dry” Back Deck Roll

How To "Head Dry" Back Deck Roll

So this is the follow up to the How to back deck roll video. Lots of things exactly the same here so ifs you can’t back deck roll, go check out last week’s video.

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Werner Paddles Blaze

Werner Paddles have released a new colour for some of their whitewater line up.

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Soul Waterman – Proton Paddle

The Soul Waterman – Proton paddle is hitting production.

Soul Waterman - Proton Paddle

From Corran:

After some soul searching (pun intended) of our ultimate goals with the paddle line, we once more have the paddles ready to go. The biggest focus…. the main reason for delays… was making the paddles bomb proof. Like seriously strong. For this we decided to move the production to South Africa, one of the harshest environments you’ll ever find for paddling equipment. If stuff lasts here, it’ll last anywhere.

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Extending Your Reach

Over the last few months I have had quite a few Watershed Drybags in for review. As part of the packaging the bags all come complete with two heavy duty elastic bands. If you are old enough and from the UK (may be the same in other countries too) these bands are very similar to the ones you got when you went to a public swimming pool.

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Pyranha Machno Small – Review

I was lucky enough to get hold of a medium Machno for a demo not long after it came out. I was hopeful that maybe I could get away with a medium as it looked awesome and I really wanted to paddle one. I paddled it and enjoyed it, it was fun but I knew (although I tried to ignore the fact) that it was too big for me, (I’m 5’5″ and 58kg). So the waiting for the small to be ready began.

Pyranha Machno Small - Review

I had planned a demo day through work and was hopeful that a small Machno would be ready to make an appearance for this and it did not disappoint!

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Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

It is possible to get water inside your paddle. This can happen when there is a break in the seal on one of joints and water finds its way in or if a blade has been damaged/punctured. There are a number of solutions for “getting water out of my paddle” ranging from the simple to the extreme.

Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

In most cases if water is a problem then it would have found its way into the paddle shaft. However some paddle blades have a hollow or foam core. If punctured a hole can be created that allows the blade to also take on water.

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The Paddle Bite Tab

Another great tip brought to you by the guys from Palm Equipment. This time it’s the The Paddle Bite Tab.

The Paddle Bite Tab

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If It Ain’t Broke – Repair Kit

If it ain’t broke, make sure you have a repair kit handy for when it is.

Until recently, I’ve never carried a repair kit whilst on the river, under the assumption that if I broke any of my equipment I’d either just deal with it or get off the river.

As Chris Brain pointed out to me on a 4* White Water Leader Assessment though, it isn’t always that simple; the toolbox in your car might be incredibly comprehensive, but it’s no use when you’re miles away in a remote gorge with a loose seat and 6km of grade IV to negotiate before the nearest egress.

If It Ain’t Broke

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Escape Watersports – Werner Odatchi And Camino

I’m currently looking at the Unsponsored Archives and have found several posts from the 2015 Paddle Expo in Germany last September. I’ll be posting these over the next few days. In addition to the photos and videos that I took I had been sent a few other bits and and bobs. The guys from Escape Watersports were out and about at Paddle Expo. Here they take a closer look at the Werner Odatchi and Camino.

unsponsored_werner 140

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Werner Paddles Odachi – Review

Werner has led the paddlesports industry with legendary paddles for 50 years. They’ve repeatedly set a high bar and now raise that bar again with a race inspired whitewater paddle called the Odachi.

Werner Paddles Odachi - Review

Recreational whitewater paddles have put comfort and easy of use among the top of their priority lists and that’s why we see Werner’s “Neutral Bent Shaft” align the shaft, hands and paddle blade in a nice neat line. They also extensively use pronounced dihedrals to make the paddle feel smooth and stable in the water. These features are key ingredients of what makes Werners easy and predictable to use.

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Demshitz Rafting Upper Gauley 2015

Demshitz Rafting Upper Gauley 2015

Demshitz loves rafting the Upper Gauley on the festival weekend.

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Break Down Paddle Guide

People typically think of needing a break down paddle (splits) when someone in the group breaks his or her paddle, but what if somebody just loses a paddle? We have all been on the river and seen someone swim. People are going all different ways chasing the swimmer, the boat, the dry bag that came out, but what about the paddle? The paddle is one of the hardest things to spot floating through a rapid and can be easily lost. Suppose it was you that lost or broke your paddle. “My friend has a break down,” you think to yourself feeling relieved. Then your friend hands you a paddle with a blade twice the size of what you normally use and it’s 10 cm longer with a 60 degree offset. Now what?

Break Down Paddle

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