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Peak UK Rescue Tape

Peak UK have released their own version of the rescue tape.  This bright yellow 5m long tape is constructed from 20mm tubular tape.

Peak UK Rescue Tape
5m of rescue tape
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Peak UK River Wrap PFD

There have been a number of new PFDs on show at Paddle Expo 2018 and Peak UK have the new River Wrap PFD. This really stands out as a pretty innovative design.

Peak UK River Wrap PFD

Check it out.

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Peak UK Throwline 2017

Peak UK added a stainless steel ring to some of their throwline bags a few years ago.

Peak UK Throwline

For 2017 the range has been updated but still includes the ring. This great edit talks through the construction and setup of the 2017 throwline range.

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Peak UK Deluxe Drysuit – First Look

Just like the other Peak UK gear we had in recently the Peak UK Deluxe drysuit was first seen back in 2015 at the Paddle Expo in Germany.

Peak UK Deluxe Drysuit

After having some time time checking the suit out and discussing its design with Snakey it was clear that Peak UK had taken some time to develop there next generation of drysuits.

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Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top – First Look

It’s been some time since we last had a dry top from Peak UK at Unsponsored HQ.

Peak UK Deluxe Dry Top - First Look

This one is Peak UK’s best selling Deluxe dry top.

The Deluxe retails at £225.

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Peak UK Custom Designed Gear

Peak UK have been making custom designed gear for years. This recent design shown on social media today is simply outstanding.

Peak UK Custom Designed Gear

Since 2011 we’ve been pioneering sublimation printed custom designed waterproof equipment. Not only great for teams, clubs and squads, but also a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the processes it takes and the finished results. As Garth Algar said in Wayne’s World, “Foxy!!” Get in touch to start your own unique look.

Peak UK Racer ST

A couple of weeks ago Peak UK announced their release of the new Racer ST line of PFD/Top Deck all in one combos. They have since release the following info and video. Check it out.

Peak UK Racer ST

The new Racer ST is a unique and ground breaking three-in-one garment that combines a paddling jacket with spray deck and buoyancy aid for the ultimate streamlined performance. The Racer ST holds around 30 percent of it’s flotation in its spraydeck, meaning now there’s less than 20mm of flotation foam on the athlete’s body.

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Peak UK Racer ST – First Look

Peak UK have launched their new Racer ST. This revolutionary garment was four years in development and collaboration between Peak UK, British Canoeing and the English Institute of Sport.

Peak UK Racer ST - First Look

The Racer ST combines a cag, deck and PFD into one single piece of gear. We’ve seen and used cag decks (top decks)from Peak UK in the past and they have been a firm favourite at Unsponsored HQ, but adding the PFD element takes this to a whole new level.

The PFD/Cag/Deck combo was used by Joe Clarke, David Florence & Richard Hounslow in Rio this year.

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Peak UK Tecwik Short – Custom

PeakUK are currently creating a custom Peak UK Tecwik short rashy for Unsponsored.

It will look a little bit like this –

Peak UK Tecwik Short - Custom

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Peak UK Events

Many years ago Peak UK ran a series of events across the UK. All were based at whitewater courses across the UK.

It was so long ago many of the photographs were on film and are black & white! For many paddlers this was their first taste of competition. Quite a few have continued on to be part of Team GB.

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Peak UK – idiot5

Peak UK are celebrating 25 years in the business. To commemorate 25 exceptional years Peak UK has released some highlights from idiot5. idiot and idiot5 were massive when they were first released (on VHS tape?) many years ago. Well before the GoPro arrived on the scene. Check out the highlights from 25 years.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 19.51.22

Great people, great designs and great gear. I raise my glass to Pete and the team. Well done!

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PeakUK River Guide PFD – First Look

PeakUK have continued to develop their ever popular PFD range. The River Guide PFD is just one of many that has had a re-design over the last few years. In addition to the Red/Grey colour scheme PeakUK have introduced Blue/Lime to match the new deluxe drysuit.

PeakUK River Guide PFD - First Look

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