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Tyne Tour 2018 – Part II

Here is Part II of the shots taken at the Tyne Tour 2018. This represents just a small fraction of the thousands of images taken on the North Tyne during the course of Saturday.

Tyne Tour 2018

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Tyne Tour 2017 – Part III

Here we are with Part III from the Tyne Tour 2017.

Tyne Tour 2017 - Part III

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Tyne Tour 2015

If you were on the North Tyne today from 11.00am through to 3.30pm the chances are I have a photograph of you or your group. Water levels were sitting at around 0.9 on the gauge but the water was rising throughout the afternoon.

Tyne Tour 2015

Heavy rain in the area has sent all of the main ww rivers mad. The North Tyne, South Tyne, Tees, and Swale are all on the rise. So Sunday looks like pick and mix of classic northern whitewater. Make your choice.

Tyne Tour 2015

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Tyne Tour (Festival) 2014

I spent a few hours of today sat on Rescue Rock on the North Tyne (UK), water levels were good and the sun was out for most of the day. Thousands of images taken here are just a few.



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Tyne Tour 2013

The 2013 Tyne Tour is getting closer by the day.


Here are a few images taken on Sat 3rd November 2012 from Rescue Rock.

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Tyne Tour 2012

A few images taken today (Sat 3rd) from Rescue Rock.

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