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Southeast Summer Kayaking

There is always something special about getting good water levels in the summer. Memories of paddling in the cold, breaking ice and having to wear half a dozen layers fades very quickly.

Southeast Summer Kayaking

Andrew Reed’s edit captures this feeling perfectly. Enjoy.

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Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts (2015) – First Look

The new 2015 Palm Equipment Horizon shorts have just landed at Unsponsored HQ. I have a bit of time to look at them and am waiting on the warmer weather to arrived to try them out on the river. In the meantime here’s a quick run down.

Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts 14

The outer short is contrasted from Nylon 200d, this is very similar to the fabrics used in dry trousers and dry tops. As they are shorts none of the seams are sealed.

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River Militia Norwegian Cruise

A nice little edit from Stu Ridley of the River Militia summer trip to Norway.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.43.17

An action packed four weeks during the summer, we traveled from the Telemark region and headed North towards the Arctic Circle looking for the goods in each region. Continue reading

Palm Equipment Zenith 2013 – Review

The last Palm dry top I owned was probably a River Tec number from over 10 years ago. Since then I have been using Immersion Research or Sweet. I was therefore pretty intrigued by the new crop of Palm dry tops including the Palm Zenith.

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