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Rolling Inside And Out

Check out this great edit from Plas y Brenin.

Rolling Inside And Out

Have you got your roll working indoors, but always go swimming when you try outside?

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GoPro Pro Tip – Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz talks us through taking a shots with a GoPro using a remote and your teeth.

GoPro Pro Tip - Rafa Ortiz

A GoPro remote can even be paired with several cameras at once. This allows the control to fire multiple GoPros at the same time.

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Lines – How To Do It Right – THE STYLE UPDATE

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 08.37.37

Style is more important than ever – here are the BRANDNEW MOVES for the upcoming season. Continue reading

Pat Keller – The Speed Ricochet

An interesting little piece of river running technique from Pat Keller.

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Genes: Advanced WW Part 1 Posture/Body Form

A great video from Unsponsored’s friend Simon Westgarth. Well worth checking out all of the instructional DVDs that Simon has produced over the years. More info can be found @ http://gene17.com

Genes; Advanced WW Part 1 Posture/Body Form from Gene17 – Simon Westgarth on Vimeo.

Kayaking Manual: The Essential Guide To All Kinds Of Kayaking

Kayaking Manual: The Essential Guide To All Kinds Of Kayaking is a Haynes manual written by Bill Mattos. Yes that’s right Haynes, the same Haynes that make the guides to fixing your knackered car.


I must admit that this along with the bold claim of the title made me extremely dubious about this book. The last time I had a Haynes manual was around 20 years ago for a MK II Ford Fiesta, and although great for fixing the brakes etc it wasn’t the kind of book you would read just for the hell of it.

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Playboater Troubleshooter – Episode 2 – Positions of Power

The playboater troubleshooter series is quickly becoming one of the must watch range of videos on the net. I watch a great deal of kayak videos online and only a select few get posted on Unsponsored. The work that Chris Wing produces is simply A1.

Training And The Art Of Becoming A Better Paddler


Training is something I don’t mention on the site as I believe if you are out paddling then that is as far as training needs to go. However a few bits and bobs have cropped up in conversation over the last few weeks that I thought I would get onto the site.

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