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HF Little Fish Throwbag – First Look

We bought this HF Little Fish Throwbag a week or so ago and reckon it is about time we posted a first look.

The HF Little Fish throwbag is small. You would expect it to be given that it contains only 9m of 7.5mm floating rope. This puts it in the position of being longer than a bought rescue tape but shorter than most throw bags currently on the market.

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Peak UK Throwline 15m – First Look

The PEAKUK throwline comes in 15m, 20m or 25m lengths.  The one we have here is the smallest 15m version.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look

The throwline comes equipped with 15m of 9.5mm floating rope. Compared to the 18m of 7.5mm rope used in the HF weasel and 18m of 8mm line used within the Palm Equipment Lightning throw bags.

Peak UK Throwline 15m - First Look
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HF Little Fish Throwbag

HF have finally gone to clean line throwbags and have removed the plastic tubing. This can be seen on the newest bag the Little Fish.

Inside PADDLEexpo 2019 – HF_Little Fish Throwbag

#PADDLEexpo2019 @HF presents their new Product Little Fish Throwbag#paddlerguide #staysafeonthewater #Hfsafetyinanextremeworld

Posted by Kayak Session Magazine on Friday, 5 October 2018

Interestingly this bag steps aways from the usual cylindrical bags we normally see.

Throw Lines On A Belt – Good Or Bad?

Is having a throw line on a belt a good idea?

Throw Lines On A Belt - Good Or Bad?

Many years ago PFDs were produced with rear pockets to accommodate a throw bag. Many of those original bags were a flat envelope type and were pretty compact meaning they would fit in the PFD easily. Unfortunately they didn’t throw that well compared to cylindrical bags, had relatively short lengths of thin rope and repacking could be a nightmare. That said it was better to have one than not at all.

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Palm Equipment Bolt Throwline – First Look

We have the new Palm Equipment Bolt throwline in for review at Unsponsored HQ. The Bolt is the big brother to the Lightning throwline released last year and replaces the Palm Alpine throwline.

Palm Equipment Bolt Throwline - First Look

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Peak UK Throwline 2017

Peak UK added a stainless steel ring to some of their throwline bags a few years ago.

Peak UK Throwline

For 2017 the range has been updated but still includes the ring. This great edit talks through the construction and setup of the 2017 throwline range.

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2013 Palm Rescue Waist Belt And Other Throwlines

I have been asked a few times about whether or not the Palm Rescue Waist Belt and Zambezi Utility Belt will accept throw lines/bags from other manufacturers.

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Pin Kit – Oetz

What would you do in a situation like this pin on the Oetz?

Pin Kit - Oetz

Do you have a pin/rescue kit that can handle the emergency? Do you know how to use it safely and effectively?

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Pin Kit/Rescue Gear

A pin kit is the collection of equipment that you carry to aid in a whitewater rescue that may or may not involve a pinned kayak or canoe. Within my paddling group there will be several variations of this kit, it is important that the group is not reliant on one persons kit as it may be that person or that persons boat that is in need of assistance.

The areas in which you paddle may also dictate the type and amount of kit you carry.


My current pin/rescue kit is as follows and includes the throw bags that I would normally carry in my boat or on my person.

HF Weasel Throwbag – 18m throw bag (on waist belt)
HF Alpin 20m throw bag (in boat)
2 x 5mm prusik loops (in PFD)
4 x Wild Country screwgate carabiners (Model: ION) (in/on PFD/Boat)
2 x 2.4m sewn dyneema sling (in PFD)
1 x Palm Snake Sling (in PFD)
Spyderco Delica knife with a partially serrated blade (in PFD)

I often have a couple of standard snap gate carabiners clipped into my boat that can be called into action if required.

What do you carry? Post a comment to let us know.

Palm Sjoa Throwbag Olympics – 2013

Palm Sjoa Throwbag Olympics – 2013 from Jake Holland on Vimeo.

PeakUK Bullbag – First Look

The PeakUK Bull bag is available in 25, 20 and 15 metre varieties. I had a chance to check out and throw the the 25 and 15 metre models.

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HF Swifty Belt

The HF Swifty Belt is designed so that you are able to carry your throw line with you at all times. It is designed around the same belt system that you see on all rescue PFDs. The buckle is exactly the same and ensures that the system is quick release.

HF Swifty Belt

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