After a repair almost two years ago my Kickr has started to make a click every few rotations. This seems to start once the trainer is warmed up.

When I took the trainer apart to check out the potential issue I found that the pulley wheel was not going to be removed as easily before. This has been mentioned a few times in the comment section of my repair guide – Wahoo Kickr Repair Guide.

Disappointingly this component has been created from the softest alloy in the world and isn’t available as a spare. Therefore using any metal based tool to pry the part away would result in serious damage.

Wahoo Kickr - Removing The Pulley Wheel
Wahoo Kickr – Removing The Pulley Wheel

Thankfully some years ago I purchased a set of car trim removal tools from Amazon. They were originally bought for a car job but they have been invaluable for bike work as well.

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