“Something strange and dangerous dwells in the Amazon river. It is as old as the river itself. It is no animal, the the most vicious river creatures flee from it. The native people know it…and fear it. They call it “Pororoca”.

In the local tongue the name means “huge wave” and “killer” at the same time. The destructive power it brings with it to this already harsh environment is chilling. It is truely a monster like: the taker of libes and breaker of dreams.

Former Olympic slalom kayak racer and world free-style champion Corran Addison has come to Brazil to find the monster, and to fulfill a long held dream; he and his team of elite paddlers from around the globe intend to become the first kayaker to ever surf the Pororoca.”

The Pororoca on the Rio Araguari is accepted as one of the most feared tidal bore wave in the Amazon if not the world. The river starts in the Tumucumaque Mountain range over 350 km’s into the Amazon rainforest and winds its way through the basin opening into the Atlantic Ocean. In 1997, for the first time, a group of surfers rode the mighty bore.

If you are from the UK you’ll have at least heard of the Severn river bore. Well this bore is bigger, way bigger and much more powerful, than anything found on the Severn. Combine the inherent danger of riding such a wave with the nasties lurking in the water and you have a recipe for life endangerment. One of the nasties that you won’t see get you is the candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa), a small parasitic fish that can swim up a person’s urethra, dig in its spines, and feast on its host’s blood. The invader can only be removed by surgery!

The first thing that you notice on popping the DVD into your player is that the DVD’s video and sound quality is A1. Both been remastered, giving the ultimate in image/sound quality. When it’s being pumped through a surround sound system you really start to appreciate the full quality of the production.

The movie starts with Steve Fisher explaining what the Pororoca is all about. The narration then kicks in, explaining the background to expedition, the wave itself and the people involved. The narration is very good and makes “The Pororoca Experience” interesting to kayakers and non-kayakers alike.

Kayakers featured include Rusty Sage, Steve Fisher, Corran Addison, Dan Campbell and Diego Valsecchi. Each bring there own unique mix of kayaking flair to the movie. Watching Steve Fisher pulling aerials on a still forming wave is amazing.

I would say that the production has a slight documentary feel, as you’ll certainly learn a great deal about the wave and its environment. This isn’t done in a boring way as the mix of information and action is just about right.

You’ll here lots of comments about kayaking DVD’s being “Lifestyle” as well as sports action movies. Well this one definitely is. There is nice mix between kayak action and local culture. The Pororoca Experience is so much more that just a good kayaking movie.

The Pororoca Experience is such a pleasent change from the “waterfall after waterfall” DVD’s of late. It’s certainly one kayaking movie that I’d watch over and over again.