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To Throw Or Not To Throw?

Let’s talk safety – To throw or not to throw? 

Nouria Newman posted this question on FB a few days ago.

When someone gets stuck in a hole it’s always a tough call. Do you throw them a line or not?

While a good throw is the most efficient way to solve the problem, a bad throw can add more risk to the situation if the paddler get tangled in the rope. I’m a huge fan of getting roped out and avoid swimming but it’s definitely a tricky one. The safety person has to do a good throw and the paddler needs to be able to catch the rope and keep his balanced while getting pulled out. Full awareness of the situation and communication are key.

What do YOU think ?

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  1. Edward Broekaart

    November 17, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Only throw if you have their attention and keep the line tight.

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