Two Unusual Water Sports

Here at Unsponsored we love the water. As you well know from this site kayaking can be a truly multipurpose sport. From paddling down beautiful creeks to navigating giant waterfalls, we embrace all the different aspects of the sport. In this article we will look at two unusual water sports; one that involves kayaks and one that takes place on paddleboards.

Kayak Polo

Polo has a reputation in the world as an elitist sport that is not available to everyone. In New York, a new type of polo has been created that can be played by anyone of all ability levels. Kayak Polo may sound like an oxymoron but it is a great new sport that will not only get you really wet but could help improve your kayak skills.

The New York Post reported that the oddball sport has become popular at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse. The rules of the sport are pretty simple. There are 5 players on both teams and the object is to throw the ball into the opposition’s elevated floating basket. Players can only use their hands to pass or shoot, but can use the paddle to draw the ball closer to them.

The sport has proved popular with seasoned kayakers who are frustrated with the lack of practice during the winter months. Another benefit is that it is easy to play. One participant spoke to the NY Post telling the news site that as it is not a widely known sport, everyone who plays is generally at the same level.

The added bonus of playing at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse is that the matches also take place in the shadow of the iconic Manhattan skyline.

Stand Up Paddleboard Soccer

The beautiful game has been adapted quite a few times. From the sensible such as Walking Football to the down right bizarre like Football Golf. As anyone who has ever played footie on the beach can attest to, football and the sea don’t go well together. That is until you add paddleboards.

Water sports have been adapted in a number of ways. The media in particular has recognised that the mystic and culture around water sports can capture the public imagination. One obvious example is how surfers are idolised is in popular culture. Films such as Point Break and Blue Crush play into the public desire to be able to participate in water sports. Non-traditional platforms also take advantage of this consumer interest with online gaming outlet Slingo using surf culture to promote their slot game Wipeout. The fact that water sports have been adapted to many different mediums shows how popular the sports are. Kayak Polo and Stand Up Paddle Board Soccer are two more examples of consumers engaging with water sports in unusual ways.

A number of celebrities have been very forthcoming about their love of paddle boarding including Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa. Paddle captured the star riding the waves in Hawaii as part of his workout regime. Momoa became an international star after his role as Khal Drogo in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. The series has become television’s most watched show. You only have to look at the numerous offshoots that have been inspired by the show including a licensed Game of Thrones slot game to see how wide reaching its fan base is. Hopefully Momoa’s celebrity status and passion for the sport will encourage more people to become interested in paddle boarding.

So there you have it. Two unusual water sports that show how amazing being on the water can be. We hope it has inspired to you try your own version or look to see if a local club or pool also puts on events.