Not to sure how I actually ended up going on this trip, I think it was that I just asked Mark if he knew anyone going to Italy as I would like to go this year and he happened to be going so it went from there really…

Having knew Mark and Dave for a year I had only actually paddled with them a few times and never paddled with Russell and only met him a few week before our trip. I could tell this was going to be a good trip.


After being in a car for over 25 hours and Dave driving continuously and one small nights sleep we decided it would be a good idea to warm up on the Egua only with minimum thermals as it was warm and sunny, Little did we know that the weather forecast in Italy was anything but reliable. shortly after getting on it turned cold and raining so we decided to miss the last 3 drops for another day.


After this we went back to the campsite for more rest and to make friends, We managed to meet up with Tom Rainey and James Smith who kindly gave us a shuttle for the Mastallone the next day. Also met Tom Parker from Tom Parker Coaching if you didn’t know already…Who we paddled with for our first week and showed us all the good runs. Thank you so much Tom.



Day 5 of paddling, Egua. Well today was the day we decided to go back to the Egua to complete the river, having met up with two friends the night before they came along but unfortunately due to injury Rachel could not paddle. Mike joined us… for a while, until he injured his shoulder near the start as he was doing it in a Dagger GT. Shortly after this Dave had his first swim since about 10 years! luckily I was on hand to pull him out of the river. Apart from these two incidents we all had really good lines on the drops and were pleased with ourselves.



Ben Johnston