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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Shane Benedict

Shane Benedict from Liquid Logic Kayaks is “committed to making truly innovative kayaks that continuously raise the standards of quality, performance, and safety through the simplicity and purity that draws us to paddle in the first place.”

Shane kindly agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Eric Jackson (2007)

Way back in 2007 a number of the worlds top class boat designers agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series. As a run up to the release of the 2011 series I am re-publishing the original series. So the first one up is a Q&A with Eric Jackson of Jackson Kayaks.

Eric Jackson or EJ as he is more commonly known started Jackson Kayak in 2003 with kayaker friend Tony Lunt. Jackson Kayak is truely a family business and has been producing kayaks that have helped push kayak design forward.

I am personally a huge fan of EJ’s due to what he has brought to kayaking over the years – an element of fun.

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Liquid Logic Design

Liquidlogic Stomper – Design Talk from Team Liquidlogic Kayaks on Vimeo.

Palm – Ladies Element Dry Suit

Palm @ Kanumesse – new Ladies Element suit! from James Bebbington on Vimeo.

New Dagger Mamba

Looks very interesting.

Sweet Strutter

The Sweet Strutter is a very light, fashionably formed playboater’s helmet, complete with a baseball-cap style curved bill. It has easy-to-fit outfitting kit locks in place with the use of Velcro, allowing the helmet to be tailored to fit.

As with most helmets the fit is key, and not all helmets fit all heads. Originally the strutter came in a one size fits all variety and although I got on OK with it the helmet tended to cause headaches after a while. Thankfully the revamp of the strutter saw it being produced in three sizes.

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Liquid Logic Freeride on the Ottawa

Liquidlogic Freeride Ottawa River 2011 from ross herr on Vimeo.

Liquid Logic – Composite Kayak

Liquidlogic Composite Prototype 1 from ross herr on Vimeo.

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Bomb Flow TV Teaser: Episode Three

Teesside today – Low/High water flow

This video was taken today with low water and high water flow. The low water flow was similar to around 7-8 cumecs on the old course, two screws were working at this point.

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Tees Barrage International Whitewater Course

Due to a mechanical failure on the course that is linked to the original construction project, we are unable to offer the short course until further notice. This is completely out of our control and the team of people responsible for the construction are as a matter of urgency seeking a robust and sustainable solution to the problem.

You know it’s true

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