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Day: 26 December 2011

Pin Kits/Rescue Kit

We are about to run a series of articles on the kinds of kit that paddlers are carrying to get them out of a tricky rescue situation. We are therefore very interested to hear about what kit individuals/groups are carrying/using.

If you are interested in contributing to the series then please either leave a comment on this post or visit the Unsponsored Facebook page and leave a message there.

Pin kit options.

Liquid Logic Hoss – Review

Since the good old days of the LL Session and Session+, Liquid Logic has focused on designs for the park ‘n play market. They have been so successful that it often seems that LL have taken over the market.

The Hoss is a departure from the park ‘ n play side of the sport and aims it sights quite clearly on the river runners amongst you.

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Adidas Sickline 2011 – Training Session

EJs take is really interesting:

“With 26 countries and the worlds fastest slalom racers, creekers, expedition boaters, freestyle kayakers, etc.. all competing, I am comfortable with the idea that this is the World Championships of Extreme racing. No race in the world has a stronger field. Green race has a very strong field but nothing like this. This is the real deal with huge depth of field. Any time you have 10 people stacked into 1 second, you have a strong depth of field. That is pretty awesome. 60th place was only 6.25 seconds behind 1st place in a single run. That is an average of 10 people in each second.”

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