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Day: 15 May 2012

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Wave is solid piece of kit. As a river knife this bit of kit isn’t upto the job, but as a tool to carry in the boat, car or PFD for getting out of a fix then this is the daddy.

This made in the USA tool is 100% stainless steel (also available in titanium) and comes with a loads of features including: needlenose pliers; five screwdrivers, including Phillips head; two knives, one serrated; a wire cutter/splicer; a saw; file; can/bottle opener; and scissors. The newer version also has an attachment that will accept changeable driver bits.

The Leatherman is extremely sharp and is happy dealing with paper, wire, metal, or wood. The Leatherman Wave is a great tool that is guaranteed for 25 years – no questions asked, if it breaks, bends, weakens it will be repaired or replaced. It is also very compact.

The Leatherman Wave isn’t just a handy, versatile tool – it’s a practical investment. They aren’t cheap, £80 in sales but I think it is a solid investment.

Adventures in Loonerland

Most of the readers have probably seen this action packed film already, but for those that haven’t its certainly one to watch! Loonerland is the 1st film from Irish/Devonshire freestyler and creeker Simon Westgarth, and it does not disappoint.

The Video basically showcases some of the UK’s finest boating talents, including Cheesy, Debs Pinneger, Andy Phillips, Mark Birkbeck, Ed Cornfield, Simon Westgarth and one German (I think), Katrine Prase thrown in for good measure. Each paddler gets a 4/5 minute slot including entertaining interviews, good old Brit humour, and of course some full on freestyle and creek action!

The Boating includes everything from good old Shepperton weir on a cranking ten gates, to the mighty Zambezi, with playspots and rivers from all over Europe in-between.

The best bits: Its Hard to pin point a best bit, however Birky’s section is entertaining, and deb’s bit is some what inspiring!

The worst bit: For some reason they decide to feature Andy Phillips at Nottingham of all places!

Final verdict: A wamdangler of a vid that makes you want to pack your bags and buy a van! Well worth having in your collection.

Ian White (the Airbitchproject team)

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