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Day: 28 May 2012

Immersion Research Double D Drysuit – Review

It will become very apparent over the next few weeks that I have a lot of Immersion Research kit. The main reason for this is because it fits me really well. All manufacturers “cut” their kit slightly differently and it just happens that IR is bang on for me.

After well over 25 years of paddling I finally saved up enough cash to buy a drysuit. Out of the crop of drysuits available at the time only the IR Double D was really meeting my needs – Breathable, Socks, Latex seals (neck & wrists), no brass zip, subtle colours!

I ordered the suit via the Immersion Research EU site. The suit landed direct from the factory via Glasgow (it was already in the UK when I ordered it = no import duty) at the start of last winter when I was working on getting my river mojo back. As a result the suit has been “Fully” tested.

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Pyranha Burn Repair

I spent a couple of hours last night repairing a Pyranha Burn. The boat is around 6 months old and looks it. Very little wear for a creek boat. The split was under the seat and approximately 20cm long.



The repair feels and sounds solid.

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