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Day: 3 June 2012

Removing A Liquidlogic Seat

The shots below show the process of removing a seat from a Liquid Logic Stomper. The way in which this seat is fastened into the shell will be very similar to all other recent LL kayaks. Before removing the seat I used a pencil to mark the inside of the hull so I knew its position ready for when it was fastened back in.

Removing A Liquidlogic Seat

The seat is held in place by two bolts. Each one is located to the side of the cockpit. A Phillips headed screwdriver is all that is required to remove them. The bolt fastens into a threaded plastic slug that is located within a channel on the seat. You can safely remove the bolts without fear of parts dropping into the kayak. The aluminium guides that help keep the backrest straps in position are also held in with the same bolts and can be pulled out by hand once the bolts have been removed.

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GoPro HD Hero 2

I have been using at least one GoPro HD Hero2 for the last 8 months. Without a doubt the cameras represents a step up in terms of picture quality and ease of use. Video is filmed at full 1080p and the camera now boasts the capability of taking stills at 11 mega pixels.

The HD Hero2 is billed as being ‘2x more powerful in everyway’ and that it gives ‘Professional power to the people’. The Hero2 retains the same overall design and size of the previous 960p and 1080p models. The big difference is what lies inside.

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GoPro Accessory Roll II

Over the last few months a couple of these GoPro accessory rolls have been put together. The idea is to have all of your bits and bobs together in one easy to get to and well organised package. The one shown below (MKII) is made from Cordura and is designed to hold a Gorillapod, a screwdriver, a spare Wasabi battery and SD cards stored in an aLoksak waterproof storage bag.

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