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Day: 2 August 2012

Flex Capacitor

The Flex Capacitor from Immersion Research has to be (to date) my favourite backband. This was the standard backband used on Liquid Logic kayaks prior to the release of the BADASS outfitting system. It was also available as separate item for around $50.

I am currently on the hunt for two Flex Capacitor to fit into an Eskimo Topo Duo.

Dagger Jitsu & New Outfitting

More on the Dagger Jitsu from the guys are Rapid Media.

Pyranha Nano

I’m really liking the look of the new Pyranha Nano. The Nano apparently takes elements of the Jed, Shiva and Burn. There is definitely a look of the Micro Bat in there as well. I owned a Micro Bat (Micro 230) for years and always enjoyed the way it paddled.

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