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Day: 11 October 2012

British Universities Kayaking Expedition – Fancy having a go?

Deadline for uniyaker is this Monday 15th October! Check out the website for details, then get typing!

Are you a student who likes boating? Fancy heading off on a big expedition with like-minded people?

Send in your application to the British Universities Kayaking Expedition 2013!

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Tyne Tour – 1998

This is an article I had published in Canoeist Magazine in Feb 1999. Enjoy…..

It had to be done; it was Tyne Tour time again and I was packed ready for a quick escape from work. As always, the South and North Tyne, as well as the Allen were open and after so much rain there had to be a shed load of water. How wrong can a paddler be? Absolutely unbelievable as only four days earlier the North Tyne had been on yellow flood alert but the big wtaer had long since gone, although the now average water levels proved to be more than a match for the procession of paddlers swimming down the now notorious Wardens gorge (not really notorious but it makes the swimmers feel better; you know who you are and cramp is no excuse). Continue reading

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