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Day: 6 January 2013

Bren Orton – Nottingham Innovations

Bren Orton – Nottingham Innovations from on Vimeo.

A great video from Bren Orton. Bren was part of the 2012 Q&A series, to read it – Click Here.

North Tyne Run 6th January 2013

I had a little run down the North Tyne today from Chollerford to Acomb today. The North Tyne is a grade II/III run in the North East of England and in paddling circles is probably best known as the main venue for the Tyne Tour.

A week ago the water levels had been up and down like a Yo-Yo but had steadied and leveled off over the course of the last few days. Water levels were 0.88 on the gauge and remained static throughout the course of the run.


For my good friend TM this was his first taste of real white water and water levels were ideal.

Today was a one car affair which necessitated me dropping the car off at Acomb and walking/hitching back up. After around 1 mile I was picked up by a group of paddlers from Coquet Canoe Club in Amble (many thanks).


The weather was pretty good with both a mild air temperature and fairly good water temperature, but quite a thick mist lingered in the air until mid afternoon.


During the course of the paddle I carried a GoPro Black Edition and Silver Edition. The black on my lid and the silver on the boat. Continue reading

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