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Day: 15 February 2013

Storage – Dry Bags and Stuff Sacks

Over the years I have managed to amass a huge number of dry bags in various different sizes and various different materials. Despite the wide range and variety they have all been purchased with the intention of keeping my kit clean and dry. In most cases the kit I want protected are things that must be kept dry at all costs, for example, spare clothing, mobile phone and car keys. I therefore have a number of “go to” drybags and stuff sacks that I know I can depend upon.

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Old School Series – Gush

Gush is produced by Good Gravy Productions and attempts to add a little comedy into the kayak video market. This makes it a bit of a wierd one. The good thing to say about it is that there is some fantastic boating and lots of play. This includes some big water creeking, play, surf and even some squirt boarting – which is good to see.

In amongst the action however there a little annoying comedy type sketches, probably quite funny at the time but they detract from the kayak theme. This includes a foray into late night TV with the inclusion of a strip show! Not good. Too much max power and not enough max paddling!


A warning should also be included with video because of the use of strobe lighting. The section concerned shows cartwheels being performed in a swimming pool that is only lit with some serious strobe lighting. So be warned.

Would I buy it again, probably not. The kayak action is good, there is just not enough of it.

Fluid Flirt – Review

You don’t see very many Fluid kayaks here in the UK. Fluid Kayaks – The company is headed by Celliers Kruger, one of South Africa’s most accomplished whitewater paddlers.

The Flirt is our tried and tested playboat that continues to deliver great playboating performance while being a great little riverrunner at the same time.

The Flirt features a large planing hull with a bit of kick-rocker at the bow and stern. It is very loose and bounces on command. Aerial moves come naturally, and the full-length carving rails with aggressive cut-aways at the stern make for an exciting ride on green waves.

The outfitting on the Flirt could be considered as basic. The ratchet backrest is comfortable and is adjusted via some ratchets located on the base of the seat. The seat itself is comfortable and is fairly easy to outfit out with some foam and glue or by using the strap in hip pads.

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