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Day: 27 March 2013

Reader’s Rides Series 2013

This is your chance to get some of your own images and words on Unsponsored. I’m running a series that will showcase the kit that boaters just like you are using – Readers Rides.


The format will be as follows:

At least one image of the Reader and their Ride
Name of the Reader
A list of kit currently being used – boat(s), paddle, helmet, dry gear, PFD, safety kit, footwear etc…
Detail of how often the kit has been owned and what kind of use it gets
Details of what is particularly good or bad about the kit – it’s design, fit, robustness etc. You can focus on all of your kit or just a small selection.

Images and words should be sent via email to phil ATTTT unsponsored DOTTT co DOTTT uk

Please keep it kayak related!

A couple of examples – Callum Strong, Ben Johnston

Reader’s Rides – Darren Clarkson-King

Country – Wales and Nepal


I have a few sets of gear at the moment, I use a Mamba in Wales and a Phat, Everest or Remix in Nepal. I have a Gus in India and an RPM. I use a Jimi Styx on soul days, and use Lightning Gradients on expeditions (200). I wear a Sweet Wanderer on creeks and a Strutter in the sun/cruise days. Sweet drytop/pants and base layers. Chaco footwear, IR pogies in the cold. Snap Dragon/Playboater/IR/Palm skirt depending on boat. Pfd, I have a Langer AKC shape in Nepal, Nookie in UK, Peak in UAE and a Stolquist in India. I also have a Hydraulics. As for safety kit. I always carry 2 throw bags, a waist mounted Salamander or NRS Guide along with a longer line in my boat. All my lines are stripped and have Krabs and prussiks as part of the system held within.

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