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Day: 3 April 2013

The Baker

” THE BAKER “ from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

SportPursuit – £10 Credit When You Sign Up

I was put onto these guys by my good friend Mr Higgins. Sportpursuit broker deals with top sports brands that allow the brand to sell direct to customers at stupid prices.

Sign up now and get £10 credit!

Wavesport Recon Core White Outfitting – Modification

A couple of weeks back I modified the outfitting system of my Wavesport Recon. The bolts that hold the thigh grips in place do not have a great deal of purchase – with only a couple of turns of thread holding the bolt in place. The condition of the brass insert in my left hand thigh brace didn’t look too healthy either.

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Whitewater Troubleshooter

The Whitewater Troubleshooter series is an awesome set of videos covering a wealth of information that all paddlers would find useful. I have posted quite a lot of them previously but I thought it may be useful to gather them all in one post. I have thought about doing something similar in the past but could never hit the high quality information, instruction and production of the following.

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Ops 2012 Whitewater Paddling Reel

Ops 2012 Whitewater Paddling Reel from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

Aquapac Whanganui

I’ve had an iPad of one sort or another for a couple of years and have always thought it would make an excellent tool for coaching kayaking. The fact you can video and then have instant play back is very appealing. Obviously the biggest issue is that water and tech don’t mix. Thankfully a Whanganui from Aquapac landed so I could test out my theory.

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