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Day: 14 April 2013

Reader’s Rides 2013 – Nicky Ball

Reader: Nicky Ball
Location: Classified

Picture from the Scottish Canoe Association


After a few years of paddling Pyranha Everests, which I still to this day regard as the best all round boat as it’s the Burn just with added Oooosh, I made the switch to Liquid logic as I find them more fun and quirky than alot of other brands, in other words they have soul. I now paddle a Jefe Grande for steeper stuff as it boofs huge and a Remix 79 which I love because it’s so fast and is really at home on bigger volume, it’s great for being an idiot too when all you want to do is rock splat, rock spin and boof your way down stream. I also have recently been given an old Inazone 242 which I plan on doing some surfing in and I also share a topo/spud with my misses which I paddle if I’m in a silly mood.

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GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition White Balance

I had the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition out again today. The weather was pretty challenging with bright sunshine, water and dark shadows. The one element that seems to have really freaked the white balance out is the colour of the Jackson Karma kayak I was paddling. I little bit of auto tuning as brought the images closer to actual conditions.

The new Jackson kayaks for 2013 all come equipped with GoPro mounts so it seemed rude not to. Micro SD card is a 64GB Sandisk. Image quality set at 12MP and spot metering was switched on. Images taken every second! Continue reading

Nikon D5100

After so many months of ownership I am now starting to get the hang of the Nikon D5100. I’m mainly using a 18-105mm lens which seems to cover just about all situations. I’m also starting to mess around with Aperture, which is an app for the Mac.

I now have a couple of the EN-EL14 batteries and use a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD Card.

Here are a few images from today at the Tees Barrage (UK).

Reader’s Ride 2013 – Callum Strong

Name: Callum Strong
Location: Scotland


I don’t know if you guys have heard but I am a Zet UK team Paddler and have a hoody which says so in big letters so people in the bar know I’m the real deal without me having to tell them, although I do anyway. As such I paddle a Zet Raptor, a totally sick creek boat which I was paddling even before they got cool. I suppose I am somewhat of a “trendsetter” so listen up to the rest of my kitlist folks, this will read like a kayaking version of Vogue. I should point out that my Raptor is yellow, the best colour and also the second fastest. The fastest Zets are actually blue ones. I paddled a blue one over the summer whilst on an expedition in Siberia but unfortunately they don’t show up nearly as well in photographs, so yellow is the colour to go for.

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