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Day: 20 May 2013

Current GoPro Hero Setup

I receive a couple of emails each day asking about the GoPro setup that I currently have running, so here is an update.

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I use both a GoPro Hero 3 Silver and Black editions, but I actually prefer the silver! Both have there firmware updated every time there is a new release. Continue reading

GoPro Instructions – Hero HD and HD2

This is a really nice iOS app from Mount Star that allows you to view a summary of the GoPro Hero HD and HD2 handbooks on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Liquid Logic Session – Review

The Session and Session + were the first boats launched form the US company Liquid Logic. The company has grown strongly since the introduction of these boats so I thought I try and get my hands on one for a few hours and give it a try.

Liquid Logic Session - Review
Liquid Logic Session – Review

I tried out the Session + which is the larger of the two at 7ft 10.

The outfitting is decent. The backrest is adjustable with ratchet either side located on the top of the thigh braces. Much like recent Prijon and Pyranha boats. It is really easy to get the back band tight, and yet still be able to get in and out of the boat. Everything was easy to adjust in the boat and foot room was decent for my size 10 plates.

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Which Left And Which Right?

River Left and River Right is all about the direction of travel of the water and its relationship to the banks. As you face downstream with the flow the bank to your left is river left and the bank to your right is river right.

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River Tees – Racing Stretch

The stretch of the Tees from Egglestone to Cotherstone is known as the racing stretch due to its use as a ww racing venue. Access at Eggleston Bridge has been dodgy for some years so you are better off heading up stream to put on at Middleton. The outdoor centre at Middleton is a pefect place to get on it can found just outside of town on the road to High Force. As you leave town you’ll go over a stone bridge which has a tight left hand turn. As you head up the bank you’ll see some new houses on the left. the outdoor centre lies just beyond the houses. Don’t park in front of the house, just call into the outdoor centre and ask to leave your car. 9 times out of 10 it will be OK. A short 200m walk down a narrow footpath takes you right down to the river. Alternatively park in town and walk down to the river.

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River Tees – Abbey Rapids

Abbey rapids is a popular rapid on the River Tees just downstream from the market town of Barnard Castle. The rapid has been used for many years as slalom site, but also provides a number of play spots for the freestyle paddler. The run from Barnard Castle to Whorlton Lido (grade III) holds plenty of nice little playspots as well as being a great run.

The rapid has a fairly steep gradient with number of small waves along its length. At the bottom of the run there are two large waves which can be surfed and spun on. But there is also a nice little hole which is fairly rententive and where cartwheels can be pulled. Continue reading

Pilzen Finals: Highlights

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