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Day: 24 May 2013

Zet Veloc

Take a Zet Raptor and make it a little bit smaller and then give it a little tweak and you have the Zet Veloc!

From Zet:

The new VELOC is inspired by the ground breaking design of the Raptor, but it comes with several important changes. The Veloc is perfectly suited for mid-sized and small whitewater paddlers, who are looking for a boat that can take them to their limits.

Zet Veloc

This kayak is balanced and easy to control on difficult whitewater. The high volume distribution in the bow, combined with the advanced rocker design make the boat fast and stable when paddling through holes and waves. As a result of the Veloc’s volume distribution the boat is highly responsive and resurfaces rapidly. Combined with the stable flat hull, this makes the Veloc a force to be reckoned with on both steep/technical and high volume rivers.

The outfitting has been redesigned making it more adjustable, robust, and comfortable than ever before.

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Creek Boat Reviews

This is the 800th post on Unsponsored and to celebrate another milestone I thought I would gather all my recent creek boat reviews in one place.

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