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Day: 27 May 2013

Dane Jackson’s 1900 Point Ride – Highest Freestyle Score Of All Time

Dane Jackson’s 1900 point ride – highest freestyle score of all time from David Morring on Vimeo.

Dagger Kingpin Icon – Review

The Kingpin Icon is a tweaked/updated version of Dagger’s Kingpin. On first glance it is very difficult to see what ia actually different. The Icon has been in Dagger’s line up for a number of years now and has been tweaked over the years. The boat I tried was a later model.

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Dagger Kingpin Icon – Review
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Moriston River Race 2013

This years Moriston River Race was held on the 26th of May.

The Big Dog Moriston River Race is Britain’s most extreme white water kayaking race. Named for the dam release river on which it is held this event brings kayakers from far and wide to enjoy one of Scotlands classic sections of white water. Its all about providing a quality arena in which kayakers can compete, a social atmosphere in which good company can be enjoyed and an event environment in which we can bring communities together.




Boof is the name given to the technique used to run drops that may or may not have a shallow landing. It involves the paddler landing the kayak flat at the bottom of the drop. The name of the move comes from the sound the boat makes when it hits the water at the bottom of the drop.

Boat position, body position, paddle placement and good timing are required to get the boof just right.

The Boof from Whitewater Instruction on Vimeo.

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