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Day: 29 May 2013


Unsponsored’s little brother River was grounded after this trip. Broken boats and broken bones. Disgraceful.

Corsica from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

Read about the adventure here.

Substantial Does Stakeout

Substantial Does Stakeout from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Bomber Gear – Bomb Dry Suit

Surf Moves

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Wipe Outs

When everything goes horribly wrong and you lose control of your craft you will wipe out. Depending on the size and nature of the wave this can be very spectacular, even painful, and may well involve lots of unintentional capsizes and cartwheels. If you don’t bail out of your boat, you’ll find your self being pushed sideways and bounced in towards the beach. This motion is known as the bongo slide, and mastering this skill is the first step towards feeling truly comfortable in the surf. Continue reading

Old School Series – Riot R1 & R2 Helmets

The Riot helmet is no longer produced and has been quite difficult to get hold of. They came in two varieties the R1 and R2. Shell sizes are standard with the amount of inner foam being the deciding factor on size.

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