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Day: 30 May 2013

State of the James: ‘Z Spot’

State of the James: ‘Z Spot’ from Hunter on Vimeo.

Dagger’s New Kayak – Katana

Over the last few weeks Dagger have been teasing us with little clues about their new kayak design. The video of the new boat now known to be the Katana will be released tomorrow. From the images of the prototype it looks like it will be a cross-over kayak and will be similar in some respects to the Pyranha Fusion, Liquid Logic XP and Wavesport Ethos.

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Val Sesia 2013 Pyranha Team Tour Teaser

Val Sesia 2013 team tour teaser. from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Outfitting – Examples (2001 ish)

I found this in the archives! I think an updated version is called for.

I have tried to gather together a number of good outfitting examples. They are intended to be a source of ideas or possible options that you may want to consider for your kayak. The best way to look at the information is as a pick & mix. Experiment and take the elements that work best for you and discard the rest.

Getting the outfitting of your boat correct may happen with the first go but more than likely will require both time and patience.

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2012 Whitewater Grand Prix – Chile Highlights

2012 Whitewater Grand Prix – Chile Highlights from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

TODO Eagle Creek With Nicole Mansfield

TODO Eagle Creek with Nicole Mansfield from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Clean Blunt – A How To

How to: Clean Blunt from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Dagger Axiom

The Dagger RPM was a huge success on launch and has continued to be a popular kayak, so much so that it has been relaunched (2013). However the Axiom was designed to be the RPM’s successor and again has gained a huge following.

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