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Day: 23 June 2013


Today was the Palm BIG Paddle event at Teesside.

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I had a chance to take some shots of Paul ‘Cheesy’ Robertson paddling the Dagger Jitsu and trying out some of the tweaked features on the course. Continue reading

Dagger Green Boat

I have read and heard so much about the Green Boat it was great to see it in the flesh today. Everyone who paddled it loved it.

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Stephen Wright: 2160 point Ride in the Payette River Games 2013

The Palm BIG Paddle

The Big Paddle took place at Teesside today. Despite the changeable weather the turn out was superb.

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Lots of folk trying out paddling for the first time and loads trying out Palm’s and Dagger’s huge range of products on the WW course. Continue reading

Palm Harlequin Extrem RV PFD

How about this for a colour scheme?

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Nikon AW110 Coolpix


I’m currently in the process of testing the new Nikon AW110. Although carrying a DSLR is great for catching the action, sometimes it’s quite nice just to have a small camera that can be carried in my PFD. Continue reading

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