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Best of Dartmoor

Best of Dartmoor from Jamie Conn on Vimeo.

Fantasy Falls 2013 – Substantial TV

Fantasy Falls 2013 – Substantial TV from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Norway – VEKO

Water levels here in Voss have been fairly consistent since we arrived. We’ve managed to get on most of the major runs now and maybe before we leave we may get on something new. We’re all hoping for some action on double drop but despite the grey skies the rain hasn’t really come and its still not running.

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Paddle Snag

Paddle snag from Leif Anderson on Vimeo.

Wave Sport Project X 56 C1 – Tad Dennis

Lee Valley Freestyle Event


White Water & Wild Colours

I just love the combination of the vibrant colours used in kayaking and shapes/forms the water takes. I have always been into photography but I am really enjoying looking back through my kayaking images and looking for the detail in the drops of water and splashes.


Here are a few shots from last weekends The Palm Big Paddle: Continue reading

Dagger Jitsu – Review

The Dagger Jitsu is the new playboat from Dagger. It’s been a long time (in my opinion) since Dagger was at the forefront of playboat design. Many of the recent designs have been popular but have never tempted me back to the brand.

Dagger Jitsu - Review

From Dagger:

Dagger brings decades of experience and team-tested, paddler-proven heritage to freestyle kayaking in the all new Jitsu Series. Tested and approved by some of the world’s most skilled paddlers, the Jitsu excels in surfing and aerial moves in wave play with volume proportions that allow skill development in hole play as well.

The Jitsu’s unique rocker profile, hull to rail relationship through the stern, carefully distributed centralized volume, and slicey tips make three dimensional combination moves in advancing hole play easier while creating a seamless blend of speed, looseness, and release on waves. The double-step carving rail above the release edge also helps the boat to grip and drive on wave faces for very controlled carving. The Jitsu maintains snappy edge-to-edge transition yet it is arguably the loosest hull on the market today.

Out-performing competitor freestyle kayaks downriver, the Jitsu is a solid all-around choice for those who want to enjoy big waves, holes on river, and freestyle competition too. Continue reading

Kayaking Legend David Hughes, Purpose of Meaning : The Dance Ep. 2

Pyranha Team Van Tour (Norway Day 1)

Matt Bain and Anton arrive early morning in Voss after a long drive. The team dives right into the good stuff with low water Brandseth and high water Myrkdal.

Norway Day 9 & 10

After the previous night of partying Saturday was a bit of a write off. We got up a bit late and then optimistically decided to head over to the Teigdal to see if double drop was running… wasn’t. We then drove to various other drops in the area only to find they we’re either too low or that our balls weren’t big enough. Phil and Barney eventually ran the bottom half of Lake to lake which they later admitted was more hastle than it was worth. That night we camped up next to the Teigdal in the hope that it would rain and we could get a run on it Sunday. Unfortunately it never rained.

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Prototype Palm FX PFD?

Below are a few shots of what must be a prototype Palm FX PFD. The front of the PFD looks the same as the production models with the exception of the zip pull running in the opposite direction.

unsponsored_FX_PFD_Proto 1

The straps (other than colour) look just the same as the production models. Continue reading

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