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Day: 10 July 2013


Desoto from Ben Friberg on Vimeo.

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Val Sesia 2013

Since my first year of university I’ve always wanted to get out to the Italian Alps. Unfortunately the creeking season out there is usually in May which just happens to be university exam time. Finally, leaving uni and getting a proper job has it perks (besides the pay cheque).

Italian Alps – May 2013 from Mark Mulrain on Vimeo.

Dave, Russell, Ben and me headed out earlier than most groups. The early trip combined with a huge snowpack for the year left us a little nervous that river levels would be too high and that we would miss out on the classic runs of the area. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief when we arrived to find everything on the high end of good. Perfect levels! Continue reading

West Fork Of The Pigeon

West Fork of the Pigeon from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

Titan Chronicles – VOL:1 EP:3

Titan Chronicles – VOL:1 EP:3 from Titan Kayaks on Vimeo.

Demshitz – Wapwallopen – July 1st 2013

Demshitz – Wapwallopen – July 1st 2013 from jared seiler on Vimeo.

2013 Little White Salmon Race By River Roots

A Cold Start

A COLD START from Strie strømmer Television on Vimeo.

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