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Day: 18 July 2013

River A Week Blog

What to do with all that GoPro footage? Liam Chambers has a plan – “River A Week Blog“, check it out.

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1st Decent Of Lower SAP Fall

River a Week, #8 Sermenza – Val Sesia

River a Week, #8 Sermenza- Val Sesia from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

Beater Sessions Vol. 1

Sweet Protection Prodigy Range

The Prodigy range of kit from Sweet Protection are designed for both on and off water use. I’ve been using one of the earlier one piece suits for a couple of seasons and it is doing really well.

The Prodigy products are warm and very comfortable garments made in a four-way stretch one-sided brushed fleece with excellent moisture wicking properties. Offering a snug fit achieved by strategically patterned panels joined together with flatlock seams.

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Staying both warm and dry makes any kayaking adventure that much more pleasant. I’ve been kayaking for over 25 years now and am amazed how much the kit has moved on during that time. Way back then getting soaked to the bone was pretty much a standard feature of paddling even if you didn’t swim. Even though staying dry is much easier and therefore makes keeping warm itself so much easier it’s important to get your insulation layers right.

I tend not to feel the cold as most folk but I still pick my insulation layers really carefully to make sure that I not only stay nice and warm but that I do not over heat. I personally find overheating way worse than being too cold.

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The North Fork Championship II by River Roots

The North Fork Championship II by River Roots from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo.

Big Brother Falls, White Salmon River, Washington State

Big Brother Falls, White Salmon River, Washington State from Andrew Morrissey on Vimeo.

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