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Day: 3 August 2013

River a Week, #10 WINion and The Fairy Glen

River a Week, #10 WINion and The Fairy Glen from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

This video is proof that one can work 9-5:30pm and stil get great boating done in between work. 7:30pm on the way to the Wnion, Level was around 2.2 on the guage which meant is was super fun and interesting, And my first run down the Fairy Glen on the Conwy. Wasn’t my best performance, but hey had to be in work for 9:00am in Liverpool. Also part of my river a week project.

Thanks to Andy Butler for some footage (my GoPro broke) and paddling the rest of the Glen for me when I ran out of time.

Liquid Logic Stinger XP

Super fast and super long the Liquid Logic XP will be hitting the water in the UK anytime now.

May be the perfect cross over kayak?

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