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Day: 19 August 2013

Jackson Kayak – Zen Review

The Zen is Jackson’s medium volume river running machine. The kayak is designed to sit between the full on creeker the Karma and the Star playboat range.

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Jackson has designed the Zen to be a performance river runner that is capable of tackling most grades of water. Having spent a great deal of time paddling the Liquid Logic Remix and Wavesport Diesel over the last couple of years I was interested in how the Zen would perform.I paddled the Zen 75 over the course of a couple of months in a number of different white water and flat-water location. I sit right within the middle of the recommended weight range.

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The New Pyranha Burn Promo

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 19.34.38

The third generation Burn is the latest in Pyranha’s long line of cutting edge river runners.

The improvements include:

Increased length for extra speed, smoother tracking and greater control.
Sharper centre and forward edges for greater precision in river running and playing.
Re-profiled stern for speed with more edge where you need it, less where you don’t.
Tweaked rocker profile so the boat rides high and gives you the all-important boof when you need it.
Subtle volume distribution gives a confidence inspiring ride for the intermediate paddlers and those making steeper descents.
Re-profiled cockpit to reduce deck implosion and ease carrying.

2013 Pyranha Burn from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Graphics: Bren Orton
Paddling, Edit, and Cinematography: Craig Kleckner & Dave Fusilli

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