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Day: 12 October 2013

Fox 40 Whistle

Whistles are small, lightweight, and can be a lifesaver in an emergency. I probably own half a dozen or so Fox 40 whistles. I’ve used a number of Fox 40s for years, for both work and on the river and they can be found on my PFD, rucksacks and keys. In fact it is one of the few things that I am prepared to have hanging on my PFD.

In an emergency situation on a river it may not be possible to hear people shout clearly as the sound of the water can drown out the quality of the sound. However a good whistle can punch through that. The Fox whistle is highly regarded and is probably one of the loudest and compact whistles on the market. My orignal one must be well over 20 years old and has taken a beating (it’s the whistle in the image) but is still absolutely as loud and functional as the day I bought it.

There are no moving parts and nothing that could actually fail. The Fox 40 delivers optimum performance and sound power (115db) in a surprisingly small, compact and functional package. Given how good it is you’d expect the Fox 40 to be quite expensive. In reality you can pick them up for around £7 or less.

Some Serious Swimming

A whole load of carnage in this one. SWIMMER!!!!!

Africa Expedition Teaser

Africa Expedition Teaser from Martina Wegman on Vimeo.

Ian Salvat 2013

Ian salvat 2013 from ian salvat cuevas on Vimeo.

Westcoast USofA

Westcoast USofA from GBP Productions on Vimeo.

Follow us on our kayaking trip to the mighty waters of California. On our trip we ran some of the classic runs the High Sierra drainage has to offer, like the South Silver, South Kings and Kings, Upper Cherry and many more. This video features some of these runs in this world-class scenery. GBP invite you to enjoy the show 😉

Gauley Fest 2013 High Water, and the Kalob Griffin Band

Gauley Fest 2013 High Water, and the Kalob Griffin Band from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

Well we survived another Gauley Fest. Thanks so much to the Kalob Griffin Band for adding a whole lot of extra entertainment this year! I hope to see demshitz back for 2014. Great water levels also made for some added excitement. The few kayaking shots at the end of this video are from Bren Orton and Myself at Geek wave at 5,000 cfs. That is a surprisingly sick playspot at that level. Till next year.

Immersion Research K2 Union Suit – Review

Mark Mulrain kindly sent one of the new IR K2 Union Suits to try out along with the Royale spraydeck.

1016979_562605013786983_955198808_n Continue reading

2min in Oetz

2min in Oetz from Nouria Newman on Vimeo.

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