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Day: 13 October 2013

Pure Vida

Unsponsored’s little brother River has been out causing chaos again during a quick trip to Costa Rica and Panama. He managed to drag a few others along for the ride before being detained for questioning in the US of A.

Unsponsored Pure Vida

Travelling through Costa Rica and Panama in search of liquid wonders and white water madness! Continue reading

2013 Abel Cine Documentary Grant – “Through Her Eyes”

2013 Abel Cine Documentary Grant- “Through Her Eyes” from Ryan McPherson on Vimeo.

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“Sacagawea is one of the ultimate female explorers. She not only covered vast distances, but also brought together cultures and made it possible for others to explore deep into a new world.” Sacagawea played a crucial role in the success of one of America’s most important exploratory endeavors. While her contributions were invaluable to the mission, she demonstrated to the world that females do have an important role in exploration. This expedition pays homage to Sacagawea and keeps her legend alive for the generations of adventurous women to come. Continue reading

Majoy Gorge – SIBERIA – Kostya’s GoPro

Majoy Gorge – SIBERIA – Kostya’s GoPro from Callum Strong on Vimeo.

After a week of waiting for the exceptionally high water to drop and running sections of the Lower Chuya in Summer 2012 six of us finally manned up to the first kayak descent of the season of the infamous “Majoy Gorge” of the Chuya River in “polnyi pizdets” water conditions. Undoubtedly one of the finest sections of whitewater in Siberia and the world, this run offers a hectic 20km of big whitewater.

It was Kostya’s Birthday and he successfully completed the entire section without a portage including the terrifying walled in class 5+ “Presidium Rapid”…

…in a Jackson Star.

Here is the video of Kostya’s GoPro from that day on the river. A big thanks to Kostya Lubagin and Alexey Lukin for charging out in front and KayakUSSR for a very memorable day on the water.

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