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Day: 14 October 2013

Everlasting Flow Ep. 1 Teaser “Green Race 2013 – Adults Only”

Everlasting Flow Ep. 1 Teaser “Green Race 2013- Adults Only” from Dylan McKinney on Vimeo.

It hasn’t been rainy in the Southeast, so I looks like the Linville Episode will have to be postponed until rain can come our way. Most rivers aren’t running, but its fall, and that means it is Green Race season. Put on your elbow pads, and get ready to check out some footage of Ryan McAvoy training this past week! Go ahead and like the Facebook page to stay up dated on the Everlasting Flow Series.

The Everlasting Flow Series is only available on EpicTV.

Pin Kit – Rescue PFD

Your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is probably along with your helmet your prime piece of protection whilst on the water. Your PFD not only helps to keep you afloat it also offers vital padded protection for your body.

The Rescue PFD is something as yet I have not covered as part of the Pin Kit series. So here it is.

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Pin Kit – Carabiners/Karabiners

Walk into any climbing shop and you’ll be presented with a wide array of carabiners, loads of sizes, loads of shapes, loads of colours and a range of prices.

What ever carabiner you choose to buy please make sure that it is a type that is rated for climbing/caving and that it is suitable for job you will be asking it to do. A carabiner suitable for climbing will have its strength rating forged, stamped or etched on it. It should also conform to the 0120CE standard, this again should be present on the carabiner.


There are some really super light carabiners available out there that are great for climbing but could be too easily damaged/compromised whilst on the river. In instances where hauling, belaying or security are required locking carabiners are best. I carry four locking carabiners as part of my kit, but also have a couple of non-locking carabiners in my boat for clipping gear into that can be called into service if required.

The number you should carry is subjective – Mountainbuzz, Pin Kit. Continue reading

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